Nearly four hundred years ago, the great Carmelite reformers St. Teresa

of Jesus and St. John of the Cross responded to God's call to return to their original Carmelite roots, a way of life animated by contemplative prayer under the protection of Mary, the Mother of God.

Secular Carmelites are Catholic men and women, either married or single, lay or clerical, who live out this heritage of contemplative prayer in daily life. While going about their everyday occupations, secular Carmelites give witness to the value of prayer and contemplation in a world that is seeking intimacy with God.

Following in their footsteps, generations of Carmelites have realized in the Carmelite way of life a means of developing a close relationship with God and a wonderful foundation for serving God's people.

If you are eighteen years or older and intrigued by...


  • A centuries-old tradition which encourages growth in closeness to God in every aspect of life in today's world

  • A Rule of Life and a formation program that fosters the Carmelite tradition of prayer and Teresian spirituality in a way appropriate for lay persons

  • Participating in monthly meetings with a community of other spiritually-minded men and women, who share a common interest in prayer, and a

  • Special association with the Discalced Carmelite Friars with the opportunity for spiritual guidance


...then, consider becoming a Secular Carmelite!

About Saint Teresa of Avila

Saint Teresa of Avila — also known as Saint Teresa of Jesus — was God's instrument to found the Discalced Carmelite Order, a mystic, a writer and the first woman Doctor of the Church. She is widely regarded as a friend to all who seek God in Spirit and Truth. During the dramatic years of her activity in founding 15 monasteries of nuns throughout Spain, Teresa resolved innumerable intercommunity, financial, legal and spiritual problems — all while dealing with her own poor health. After 20 years of intense service to the Church, she died at the age of 67 — though her teachings, wit and wisdom have transcended the centuries.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

1704 Old Eastern Avenue

Community Hall

Essex, MD  21221

Community meets on a specified Sunday

of every month.

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Meeting Schedule:  2020
  • January 19th

  • February 16th

  • March 15th

  • April 19th

  • May 17th

  • June 19th

  • July 19th

  • August 16th

  • September 18th-20th

  • October - 18th

  • November 15th

  • December 20th

Our Group Mission - 







Council members for the Discalced Lay Community of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and St. Teresa of Jesus

Diana Mand, OCDS


Margaret Holy, OCDS

Formation Director

Pat Thiess, OCDS

1st Councilor

Penny Dieter, OCDS

2nd Councilor

Valeria Skarbeck, OCDS

3rd Councilor

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

Community Hall

1704 Old Eastern Ave.

Essex, MD  21221

Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Teresa of Jesus

We are to ponder the law of the Lord, by day and by night,  in silence and in solitude, so that the word of God may dwell abundantly in the hearts and on the lips of those who profess it.


(Carmelite Constitutions)